Bannerghatta National Park Outing

Hello again everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

So as I said last time, back in January, my friends and I went toย Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore and spent the entire day there. The place is really cool. There is a nice zoo to check out as well as a Safari. If you’re interested, here is the map:

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Trip to Ooty

We went for a family trip to Ooty, Tamil Nadu last October. Ooty is a very very beautiful place and I took many photos on my dad’s Nikon D5000. We also made a trip to the Bandipur Sanctuary. Lots of awesome wildlife to see plus tigers if you’re lucky. Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky. I captured many photos here too. Here are some of my best ones. Please do let me know what you think in the comments below. Hope you like em. ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more of this post

Long Time No Post! Google+, Computer Upgrade, Fedora 15 and whats been keeping me busy (in reverse)!

I can’t believe its been four months since my last post! This is not a tutorial since I didn’t have time to learn something to pen down as a tutorial after my previous post. I’ve been kinda tied up with work, something I mentioned in my previous post, and had to give it a lot of attention. Things have been moving pretty fast but I’ve learned a lot in the process. I also had my appraisal today and at first I was a bit nervous since I didn’t think I’ve done all that well. But things went well and I’m lucky to be in a place where the managers look at you more closely, are more open and help you out a lot better. I’m not saying this because they read my blog too ;). I’m sure my friends working with me will agree. Anyways I’ve been busy because of a pretty tightly scheduled project. Thanks to that, I’ve learned to work much better under pressure not crumble under it. I’ve also made new friends who’ve helped me get through it smoothly and I got my first hike! ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more of this post

My New Bike! :-)

That’s right! ๐Ÿ™‚ Its brand new Honda CB Twister. I had ordered it last week on Friday and it was due tomorrow but by my luck I ended up getting it yesterday itself. The twister is real light, comfortable and highly fuel efficient. Features include a 110cc Honda engine, front disc brakes, tubeless tires a mileage of 70 kmpl and some beautiful looks :). The suspensions work great as well. One down side however is that the wheels are real thin. Not good for the roads I see here :-|. Anyways I think its an awesome bike and worth the money. I leave you with some pics:

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Beautiful isn’t it? What do you think? Post a comment. Thanks for reading. See you next time ๐Ÿ™‚

Bruno The Simplest Line Follower – The Workshops :)

This post comes after I bumped into a video I should have posted along with the tutorial on this robot. As I said in that tutorial, the robot (I named it bruno later) was made for a workshop. This workshop was held two and a half years back and was a huge success considering the last minute planning and the limited help we had. Here is a video of me at the workshop which I happened to find on youtube today. Can’t believe I forgot this one. Here you go…

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Weekend Family Drive

Well we went for a drive to electronics city today. I love the place and will never get tired of seeing it again and again. Its got the best buildings and a lot of trees. Thought I’d post a few pics. Oh we also went to Barbeque Nation after that. We were so busy eating that we forgot about taking pics. Here ya go:ย  Read more of this post

Dual Display!

Dad bought me two 20in monitors last week (Thanks dad! :)). I need two monitors to work and I couldn’t manage with a single monitor while working from home. The new monitors are DELL IN2020M – 20in LED HD monitors. Pretty cool eh? I just managed to get both my monitors to work on Fedora. Here is a pic: Read more of this post

….and back to Bangalore!

Well as the title says, I am back to Bangalore. Returned more than a month back – July 17th to be precise. Didn’t post an update because I didn’t get time. I moved back because I got another (and better) job offer here. I currently work for Cortina Systems and I love the new place :). Keep checking back for continued posts on robots and now on some digital chip design in Verilog.

In Madurai

Well I’ve got a job at Honeywell and I’ve got training for the next 4 months. The training is more on the software side so my posts from now on will be more on software (if I do get time to post). Which means the post on the table edge follower will have to wait :(. I’m in Bangalore for this weekend so I could quickly write the servomotor controller post. I will be back again in August for a week (hopefully) so the robot post should be out then and more robots for sure after training.

Madurai is a nice place. Quite peaceful with real helpful people. On the down side there are no KFC, Mc Donalds or Pizza hut outlets and no Internet connection. So I’m kinda stuck without Facebook (more importantly Mafia Wars :P). Madurai is also like an oven. Will post more about life @ Madurai soon.

So do stick around for stuff on Madurai, pointers, classes and other things in C/C++ that may sound scary – till you look at it in a different way.

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