Android Apps Reviewed – What I currently use.

Hello again! Today I thought I should review a few of the apps I use on my HTC Wildfire. I recently rooted my device and installed Cyanogenmod 7. I did this primarily because I wanted Android 2.3 Gingerbread. After flashing the ROM I realised that I also have a lot more free space on my internal memory and I can move any app to the SD card! :). So I’ve been installing a couple of apps. Plus there have been some things I liked about HTC Sense and in trying to find apps to fill in the features that were missing I bumped into some interesting ones. Some of these apps listed have been there even before the switch to Cyanogenmod. The apps listed here are the ones I use very often and does not cover all the apps I use. Also, the videos are not mine but the ones posted on the apps’ Android market pages. So here goes. Read more of this post

Long Time No Post! Google+, Computer Upgrade, Fedora 15 and whats been keeping me busy (in reverse)!

I can’t believe its been four months since my last post! This is not a tutorial since I didn’t have time to learn something to pen down as a tutorial after my previous post. I’ve been kinda tied up with work, something I mentioned in my previous post, and had to give it a lot of attention. Things have been moving pretty fast but I’ve learned a lot in the process. I also had my appraisal today and at first I was a bit nervous since I didn’t think I’ve done all that well. But things went well and I’m lucky to be in a place where the managers look at you more closely, are more open and help you out a lot better. I’m not saying this because they read my blog too ;). I’m sure my friends working with me will agree. Anyways I’ve been busy because of a pretty tightly scheduled project. Thanks to that, I’ve learned to work much better under pressure not crumble under it. I’ve also made new friends who’ve helped me get through it smoothly and I got my first hike! 🙂 Read more of this post

Fedora 14 Installed! – Well not entirely…

After an extra day of waiting (wish I had a blazing fast net connection :(), I finally got a chance to look at Fedora’s 14th release myself. Here is the desktop screenshot:

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Dual Display!

Dad bought me two 20in monitors last week (Thanks dad! :)). I need two monitors to work and I couldn’t manage with a single monitor while working from home. The new monitors are DELL IN2020M – 20in LED HD monitors. Pretty cool eh? I just managed to get both my monitors to work on Fedora. Here is a pic: Read more of this post

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