VHDL in Alliance – Behavioral Simulations

Hello everyone and welcome to the second tutorial on the Alliance VLSI package! 🙂 Here we will look at how we can build a digital system using a behavioral model and simulate the VHDL code we write. I hope you have read the previous tutorial on genpat. We will need what ever we learn there to test the code we write in this tutorial. I also assume that you are familiar with VHDL. Alright then. Lets begin!

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VHDL in Alliance – A Different Start!

Welcome back! 🙂 Its time to start off with Digital Design in VHDL using the Alliance package available in Fedora Electronic Lab. Now most tutorials would start of with the simulator itself. I have however, chosen a different start – The stimulus. The reason for this it that we need a stimulus for every simulation that we run in future tutorials and Alliance uses a separate file format for this. Read more of this post

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