Cookie the Table Following Robot – Tutorial

I’m back again for another tutorial on robots. This one will be on the table following robot of which a video was posted earlier. For those who haven’t seen it, here is the video again (Wish I had a larger table 😦 ):

Like it? Read more of this post

Micro-Servomotor Controller

This post was pending for a long time (So was the table follower. But we’ll look at it later). Here’s a simpler servo motor controller I made for a friend for his final year project. The controller was used to work with servomotors on a robotic hand.

Alright. Before I begin with the circuit and the program (yup its 8051 based 🙂 ), Here’s what it looks like:

The pic has just one servomotor in it. However this controller can handle a total of 5. Read more of this post

Coming Soon… A Table Following Robot

Introducing Cookie – the table following robot. I will be posting a tutorial on how to build one of these yourself. Keep checking!

Features to be added later:

  • Obstacle detection.
  • Manual Control

My aim is to build a robot that is remote controlled. However, if it encounters an obstacle or the edge of the surface on which it is moving, the robot takes control of itself and moves away from the obstacle or turns to avoid falling from the edge. However I will post on building just the table follower first.

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