Dual Display!

Dad bought me two 20in monitors last week (Thanks dad! :)). I need two monitors to work and I couldn’t manage with a single monitor while working from home. The new monitors are DELL IN2020M – 20in LED HD monitors. Pretty cool eh? I just managed to get both my monitors to work on Fedora. Here is a pic:

(Ignore the date in the pic. Forgot to set my camera. 😐 )

There is no place to keep my speakers though 😦 so will have to wait till we move out to our house (yup, we’ll be shifting to a new place in about 2 months).The dual display is helping a lot (not just for work).

If you’ve noticed, I have a few waveforms open in the photo. I’m currently working on some tutorials on EDA (electronic design & automation) in GNU/Linux. EDA was the reason I started using Fedora. If you want to know why I like it so much, have a look at this page: FEL Portfolio. You’ll be amazed with the amount stuff that’s packed into it! The only downside is that it takes time to figure out how to use these tools. Its hard to find documentation. Hence the tutorials. I currently know how to work with SPICE and Verilog a little so will post whatever I know these two. Check back soon 🙂

One Response to Dual Display!

  1. Hey ashwith !!!
    U gt realy gud screens out ther….lng tym snce we tlkd….I’m rely impresd wid ur wbst ..>>
    Keep up d gud wrk ………………Hpe evry1 is f9 out there ….. Say hi 2 every1 frm my side !

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