Table Follower Upgrade

Welcome back everyone! As promised, I’ve upgraded my table following robot. It took a little longer than I expected but it’s finally done.

The upgrades are mainly custom PCBs and a mechano chassis. A third unexpected upgrade is that I’ve used an Arduino board.

Here is the main PCB containing the sensor, motor driver and power supply circuits.

These are the PCBs I used for the sensors.

I’ve uploaded the Eagle files for this to Look for and Here’s how everything looks once the components are soldered.

You can also see I’ve fixed spacers to those sensor PCBs. We’ll look at the chassis now. I’ve used a mechano base like the line follower. Here’s how it looks:

In case you guessed it, we’ll be using those arms to mount the sensors.

As you can see in that last photo, I’ve used an Arduino board. I intended to use an 8051 controller initially but either my serial to USB converter doesn’t work with Windows 7 or Flash magic doesn’t. I was planning to switch to Arduino and MSP430 anyways. Here are the connections. The numbers refer to the digital pin numbers on the Arduino Uno.

Sensor A – 2

Sensor B – 3

Sensor C – 4

Sensor D – 12

EN12 – 5

IN1 – 6

IN2 – 7

EN34 – 9

IN3 – 10

IN4 – 11

Once that’s done, we’ll need to upload the program to the chip. I’ve uploaded the file on as well. Look for cookie.ino. With the program in the controller, we’re ready to go. Here’s a video of the working robot.

It’s not perfect. You can see that it doesn’t follow the edge perfectly. I’ll fix it when I have time but for now I’d like to move to different projects. Hope you like these changes. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Please also post a comment if you find bugs in my code. I’ll be back with more stuff soon so keep checking back. Thanks for reading! 🙂

2 Responses to Table Follower Upgrade

  1. debasish das says:

    please give the diagram of this…because i cant understand from this picture where to put what actually…please help me…i really loved your project

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