Fedora 14 Installed! – Well not entirely…

After an extra day of waiting (wish I had a blazing fast net connection :(), I finally got a chance to look at Fedora’s 14th release myself. Here is the desktop screenshot:

The installation was pretty straightforward as always and took about 40-45 minutes. I used the 64-bit Fedora DVD. I don’t have any screenshots of the installation however. If this is your first time with Fedora, I would suggest you read through the Installation Guide (Click). For others, there isn’t any significant difference.

After installation you will be greeted with the usual first run screens and then the login window. There seems to be some performance problems here for me. When I login, the mouse freezes for a few seconds again and again. I’m hoping this will be fixed in some update. Here’s what you should do next:

First run an update:

yum update

For those of you who do not know, su lets you log in as root. You need root privileges to run many commands during setup. A root user is like the master administrator account. The update required another 200MB of download for me. This will change (increase) depending on when you perform an update.

After this, for me the next step is to install FEL 🙂 so I ran this (as root):

yum groupinstall 'Electronic Lab'

I noticed that gtkwave has a new look. Now you have a single window for both signal names and the waveforms.

Next I would suggest you use Autoten. This is available Here (Click):

Autoten basically helps you by installing all the much needed stuff for you – mp3, players, skype, Adobe air, Java, etc. I found this extremely useful since I don’t have to hunt for post installation guides and copy and paste commands so many times. Autoten does most of the things for you.

Finally I used the package manager to look through various applications I would need and installed them and after a day of work everything was done… Well not quite. 😦

One tiny problem right now is that I’m not able to get my second monitor to show anything. Fedora seems to be detecting this monitor but its blank. This problem can be solved if I use the proprietary nVidia drivers but that will cause my computer to hang (only I seem to be having a problem so maybe this is a hardware issue – maybe). So right now I’m stuck with a single monitor :(. My work for a few weeks will be to make my second monitor to show the second half of my desktop or get the driver to work without causing my computer to hang. Otherwise its a single monitor till fedora 15 or my comp upgrade. I won’t complain much because each monitor is a 20 inch display so that gives enough space on my desktop :). But once you get used to a dual display its hard to work with just one :P. Lets wait and watch and before I forget, here are two more screenshots:

Can’t forget the desktop cube 😉

So have you used  Fedora 14 yet? Post a comment.

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