As you can see, I’ve switched over to a new theme. This one is called Enterprise. I liked this one since its a lot cleaner and the main column (where the posts are) is much wider. This also has a menu for each category at the top. I’ve redone the categories (reduced the number) and changed the widgets on my sidebar. Blog hits and links are at the bottom. Hope you like the new look too. Keep visiting! 🙂


2 Responses to Re-themed!

  1. pragan says:

    in our college, there is a line follower workshop. can you please tell me, what all basics i should know before attending it? theory or anything else

    • Ashwith says:

      That depends. You’ll need to ask them what prerequisites they assume. If they will use a micro controller, see if you can find out which one it is and try to read a bit on it. If you can’t find out, knowing C programming should be enough to start with (in fact very few us assembly). Apart from that I really can’t say anything without more info on the workshop. If its a beginners workshop then you don’t need to worry about it. They should start from scratch. In case you are from BMS Bangalore, let me know. I know about that workshop.

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