In Madurai

Well I’ve got a job at Honeywell and I’ve got training for the next 4 months. The training is more on the software side so my posts from now on will be more on software (if I do get time to post). Which means the post on the table edge follower will have to wait :(. I’m in Bangalore for this weekend so I could quickly write the servomotor controller post. I will be back again in August for a week (hopefully) so the robot post should be out then and more robots for sure after training.

Madurai is a nice place. Quite peaceful with real helpful people. On the down side there are no KFC, Mc Donalds or Pizza hut outlets and no Internet connection. So I’m kinda stuck without Facebook (more importantly Mafia Wars :P). Madurai is also like an oven. Will post more about life @ Madurai soon.

So do stick around for stuff on Madurai, pointers, classes and other things in C/C++ that may sound scary – till you look at it in a different way.


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