Alright! I’ve finally finished with the Boolean Function Reducer – BoolCrunch. This is currently a beta. BoolCrunch can minimize Boolean functions and can give you either minterm or maxterm equations. I have written the program using Visual Basic 2008.


  • Supports both Sum of Products and Product of Sums expressions.
  • Allows functions with 1 – 10 variables.
  • Easy to use interface.

Screen Shots:

The cool splash screen and backgrounds for the windows were made by Bharath Prabhuswamy – a friend of mine. Thanks a lot Bharath :-).


To download the beta, follow the link below. Unpack the files and run setup.

If you find bugs in the program, please leave a comment. Please describe how the bug occurred (i.e. steps to reproduce the problem). If you’ve got an incorrect answer for the Boolean function you have entered, please include the function in the comment.
Once bugs are fixed, I’ll release a final version and the source code. In version 2, I plan to try speeding up the program so that I can increase the number of variables it can handle. I also plan on adding Karnaugh maps. Hope you like BoolCrunch Beta 🙂

4 Responses to BoolCrunch

  1. ririn says:

    Can you give me Boolcrunch source code.


    please email to me

  2. RyanCortez says:

    Your Great !! Tnx a lot bro ..

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